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Saturday, October 9, 2010


小BU~真的長大了,今天她竟然趁阿咪去MATHMONKEY時向GRANDMA 打小報告說 :阿咪, PIAK!!! (然後用她的小手打另一支小手)。。。。。

嘻嘻, 阿咪昨天真的有打她的小手啦。。。因為叫了她N次來沖涼,她還不來。。。。氣死我了。。。。所以就打了她的小手。。。。啊咪在臨睡前有跟小BU~講SORRY了。。。妳還KISS回阿咪。。。想不到妳還懷恨在心。。。向GRANDMA打小報告。。。。。


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mei Mei or Uncle??

Little Bu~ learnt to call Uncle recently....

Before going to sleep....
Little Bu~: Uncle....Uncle.....Uncle....
Bummy: Why keep on calling uncle.....
Little Bu~: (Smile.....)
Bummy: Why??the Uncle very handsome ah.....
Little Bu~: (LAUGH......)

Bummy : BuBu, you want DiDi or Mei Mei???
Little Bu~: Mei Mei ah....(maybe she tot Mei Mei is pretty loh.....haha)
Bummy : BuBu, you don like DiDi meh???
Little Bu~: Uncle....Uncle......

Friday, July 30, 2010

No Neih Neih No chui chui.....(got neih neih also no more chui chui)

Little BU~ refuse to drink milk again recently......she seems like don like the milk from small.....i had change the milk powder from Similac to Enfagrow and the feeding bottle from Avent to MAM....she is still the same....previously will take 5 oz(not even finish all), three time in day ( breakfast, t-time and before sleep)...TODAY, she TOTALLY refuse to drink the milk from the morning until the night....i was so fed up of making her milk and forcing her to drink.......i was so so so angry about her today(trying my best to control my temper and not to beat her)....well,i told her no neih neih that means also no chui chui(pacifier). I am not giving her pacifier if she didnt drink milk....since she is already 17months old now, is time to let her wean off the pacifier...
I must help her to wean off the pacifier this time with STRONG DETERMINATION....i tried a few times to wean off her pacifier before but it was failed. Hope she can wean off this time and understand that if she didnt drink the milk then she will lost her pacifier (Hope she can feel my strictness). I was wonder why she didnt like milk, is it because i didnt drink milk when i was pregnant(cause the Dr. Roopi telling thatnot necessary to drink milk during pregnancy so that i don even take a cup of milk or even buy a can of milk powder during pregnanacy)? or she has the gene like her Little Uncle (drinking Ribena instead of milk when he was small)??? Headache...i am telling myself that i must 灌奶 during my second pregnancy.......

30 July 2010
9:40 p.m --Refuse to drink neih neih
10:00 p.m -- laid down at Pooh Pooh land and start to cry..
...(coz Bummy let her alone and without pacifier)
10:03 p.m -- stop crying and walk to Bummy who are FBing....
10:05 p.m-- laid down at Pooh Pooh land again....(Bummy wanna be strict this time)
10:20p.m -- climb up to Bummy's bed and blur blur looking at the light...might thinking of her pacifier....and look at Bummy when i was peeping at her..showing her pity face...
10:30 p.m-- sit up and laugh to me (think that Bummy already "friend" with her when taking her pity look photo, Bummy just turn away after taking the photos)
10:35p.m --sleeping soundly at Bummy's bed without pacifier

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Girlish Little Bu~ Bummy got nothing to do, so take out the rubber band and nice hair clip to tie up my hair. Soon i will become her "BABI" Doll.....

Do i look girlishly???

But Little Tree said i look like SAPO......sob sob.....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

BuBu~ 你越來越不像我了。。。。。

Today Mummy bring me to photo shop to take the passport sized photo for the application of passport.

Deng Deng ~

Deng Deng ~


陳道權: “BUBU~你越來越不像我了。。。。。”(BuBu~的爸爸很傷心地看著BUBU~的照片說。。。。)


Little BU~ : Do you think i look like BUddy or BUmmy? or My GrandMa????

Thursday, February 25, 2010

吴君如: 我的幸运心法

凌晨六点半,吴君如原本应已经走到门口要出门了,又回头,再看一眼正在喝奶的女儿,女儿说:“妈,你再陪我睡一下。” 吴君如说:“不行,妈妈要去做工了。” 女儿开始哭了。
她只好妥协, “你送我去机场, 但等一下下车时你就别哭了。” 两岁多的女儿点点头说好,到了离别的时刻,女儿苦着小脸忍住不哭。


年过40的她原本觉得年纪太大不适合生小孩,反而是陈可辛鼓励她试一试,因为女人有了孩子更圆满。 孩子吴君如变得顺从,更有耐性,学会包容,原本脾气一发,从零分高涨到100分,现在只会涨到40分就停了,而且告诉自己,快点降到零分吧。


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Having Lunch at Paddington House of Pancake

Little BU~ :"Let me get the menu to have a look what to eat first........"

Before ordering, Let me play with Bummy first......PeeKaBoo~~~~
Now you can see me....hehe
Stop playing liao,have to be serious..... i have to order what to eat already......
Eat this or this leh.....the food seems so delicious.....Yummy.......
Bummy, Can i order this?
End up, i only can eat the French Fries only.....